Gemr Sign-Ups Grow by More Than 100 Percent in October

Online and app-based collector hub Gemr (pronounced with a soft “g” because they’re a real gem) is quickly gaining momentum as the preferred community for people to collect, connect, discover, expand, and immerse themselves in the things they love. After a re-launch in March of 2017, Gemr’s user base has exploded to over 117,000 collectors with a diverse range of interests from antiques to pop culture collectibles. Recent streamlined marketing efforts, combined with an aggressive bi-monthly site and app update schedule have led to an influx of new user sign-ups that has grown by over 100% month-to-month since August 2017.

The combination of several new platform and app updates, including the launch of user-created clubs, a recent partnership with Loot Crate to create an officially branded club for fans of the Loot Anime subscription service, and the “Gemr: Collect It!” Pinterest-esque extension have all contributed to this exponential user growth. However, it is the concentrated and laser-focused “behind the scenes” engineering work that keeps users coming back, as the platform is faster, sleeker, and more user-friendly than ever before. Gemr Chief Technology Officer Sean Langford weighs in on the new engineering efforts below:

“After many long days and weekends, the engineering team is very proud to release the newly rewritten server. Our server is now leaner, faster and easier to maintain. The Gemr community will benefit from this with new features arriving at a faster rate with fewer bugs in the future.“

Gemr is a social community and online marketplace (think Facebook meets Ebay) for people who love collecting. Launched in 2015, Gemr provides collectors with all the tools they need to easily pursue their collecting passions online. From antiques to vintage and pop-culture collectibles, Gemr is the premier platform for collectors to share what they love. Visit Gemr at

Source: Gemr, Inc.